Corsets are notoriously hard to make. They are not the kind of sewing project that a beginner should expect any success at. In fact, I've known very experienced seamstresses that have had problems when attempting their first corset. I've been making corsets for over 10 years now and feel confident making them and occasionally enjoy challenging myself with new and exciting textiles and techniques. Each of my corsets are constructed with imported cotton coutil, medium weight interfacing and premium fashion fabrics. I use only steel boning (spiral and straight), as I have found that plastic and other cheap alternatives simply do not achieve the quality look I'm after. 


My favorite part of being a corset designer is actually picking out that perfect shade of fabric and pairing it with exceptional trims and laces. In fact, I've stashed away some very rare silk samples, many of which are no longer available for purchase in any quantity, making most of my custom corsets truly One of A Kind. I enjoy challenging myself and stretching the boundaries of what I can do with fabrics in corsetry. As such, I've made corsets out of everything from velvets and upholstery to vinyl and canvas. 


Over the years, I've managed to add some exceptional tools to my inventory including an embroidery machine (want your name embroidered on your corset?), a drafting table and a heavy duty grommet setter ... all the finest tools of the trade. While this certainly makes my job a lot easier than it used to be, I can no longer do any work while traveling. 

pleasenotEvery piece is individual and highly customizable. From brocades to satin, express your uniqueness with a quality garment. Whether you're frequently tight-lacing or just sporting a piece for a special occasion, you'll appreciate the perfect form-fitting comfort. Take a look around and discover your inner queen.