How do I care for my corset?

  • Cleaning
    Your corset is made with imported cotton coutil and this fabric can be spot cleaned with a mild detergent and warm water. The fashion fabric, if used, would need to be cleaned according to what it could handle. (i.e.: if your corset is made out of silk, you might not want to use a detergent. DO NOT just toss your corset in the washer or dryer. The steel boning will warp or rust.
  • Storage
    Corsets should be stored on a hanger, by their laces. Insert half of it through the opening in the hanger and let the corset hang evenly by the laces. This allows it to air out a little after wearing. If you think that your corset smells bad, you can either lightly spray it with febreeze (on the inside, not the silk!), or place a dryer sheet on the hanger, under the laces.
  • Break your corset in
    You will need to wear your corset lightly for the first few times (20 minutes to an hour or so the first time and work your way up to wearing it for hours at a time). Your corset needs time to adjust to you, just as much as you need to adjust to wearing it.
  • Lacing up
    You may need some help the first time you lace up your corset. Begin by loosening the laces so that you can easily hook the front enclosure (busk). The side with the metal nubs will always be on your left, with the right side of the enclosure hooking over them. I've found that hooking the second from the top hook first and working the way down works best and is kinder to your corset. Remember to pull your laces gently from the middle and tighten the top and bottom like you would with shoe laces, pulling the slack from the middle and ensuring that the gap in the middle remains relatively parallel through this process (No yanking). Don't lace your new corset up so tight that it is uncomfortable! Corsets are NOT torture devices, even if you intend them to be *nods to the BDSM community*. Lacing your corset too tight, too soon causes irreparable damage to the grommets! In most cases this kind of damage can not be repaired. Remember to break your corset in by wearing it snuggly the first few times and working up to a tighter fit. After a few wears you will notice that it becomes easier to lace tighter.
  • What kind of corset is best for me?
    This really depends on what you are after. If you are looking for more waist reduction, I would recommend an under bust corset, as this always seems to provide more reduction than an over bust. If you want something beautiful to wear over a fancy skirt or jeans for a night out, go with an over bust. The benefit to getting a custom corset, is that I have many styles to choose from and I make mock-ups to fit your size beforehand, so you can decide how it feels before committing to either.

A Note on Fetish Corsets

I get a lot of requests for fetish tight-lacing corsets. This always makes me nervous because I know that they are put through a lot more than would be expected of an average garment. I make these with two layers of coutil, plus any fashion fabric requested. They are strong, but likely still will not withstand yanking on any part of them (which is why I no longer make corsets with D rings or chains, as they tend to get ripped out by enthusiastic fetishists. If this is the sort of play you want to have with your corset, you may want to consider looking to the leather community for their corset suggestions. I do not work with leather, as it requires completely different machinery

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